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Fan redeemed TV transmission rights for football matches
Posted on Monday, 02 September 2013 10:14 | Author Interests days

Annoyed that no transmission of football matches of the Irish football team in Australia, an avid fan of football and loyal supporter David Feeney from Dublin decided with one unusual and interesting thing! ....

Passionate and loyal supporter of Ireland national team David bought the TV rights for the transfer qualifiers Ireland-Sweden.!

So David Feeney, he contacted a friend who is in Ireland engaged in TV broadcasting before he made ​​an offer Germany media company "Kentaro" which had broadcast rights to the match Ireland-Sweden

  "First they told me that my offer is low, but that is almost close to the required amount, so I decided to raise the amount, and they agreed," said Feeney, who teamed up with people on your channel running horse racing and will they are on your channel broadcast direct transmission.

"It cost me tens of thousands of dollars," he said, adding that the whole story was difficult to convince my wife. (To him believe op. Away.)

"She was the hardest to convince, but agreed when we agreed that any earnings go to her," he added at the end of a fan of football Feeney.

Feeney also provide transfer qualifiers England in Ukraine, and the money came to believe it or not by holding up a mortgage on the house. !

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